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  • Initial soft splint for immediate treatment of TMD.
  • Emergency splint for the patient with acute pain.
  • Differential diagnosis of dental or facial pain.
  • Limited opening cases.
  • Treatment for bruxing and parafunctional habits.
  • Deprograming splint prior to bite registration.
  • A cost effective splint for TMD symptom reduction.

Studies show that 35% of the patients you see have a TMJ disorder (TMD). Some 20% of these patients are actively seeking treatment.

These patients mostly seek treatment from practitioners outside the Dental profession. Others get referred constantly to "someone else".

There are many techniques for treatment of the TMD patient. Dentists are often reluctant to treat these patients with the complex, time consuming and unpredictable techniques they have been taught.

Patients often say that the TMD treatment is too expensive and "will you guarantee it will work?"

TMD patients mostly go untreated

Many dentists tend to ignore the existence of patients with Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), complaining that the treatment is too time consuming and complex for them to make it viable within their practice. Consequently, most of these patients, many who are in constant pain, never really obtain the (correct) treatment they so urgently need. In most cases they have received various treatments and referrals over the years, particularly extensive medication, that is ineffective in halting the progression of their TM disorder. The symptoms of these patients, can be highly variable and usually copious. This is a further deterrent for the general dental practitioner with only a passing knowledge of the disorder.

For this reason there are many, many patients who need TMD treatment but who do not obtain the appropriate diagnosis or treatment.

The TMJ Appliance¨ was developed to fulfill the need for an immediate, low cost initial treatment for these patients. It is not the definitive TMJ treatment but a highly effective immediate appliance for elimination of symptoms, prior to the implementation of any of the current TMD treatment techniques.

The treatment is directed at the patient's immediate need, that is, elimination of painful symptoms.

Mouth Breathers and Snorers Version Available

TMD is suffered by a large number of people causing symptoms such as chronic headaches, ear pain neck pain, jaw clicking and pain. plus other variable symptoms.

The most effective treatment has proven to be use of intra oral appliances. Custom manufacture, fitting and adjusting by a Dentist makes this procedure time consuming and expensive.

This is not a definitive new treatment for all TMD patients, but another useful time saving tool for the dentist who wishes to have all available treatments for his/her patients. Selected patients can be started with symptom reduction at low time and cost, before committing to more extensive splint and restorative treatment.

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