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About The TMJ Appliance

The TMJ Appliance¨ is a prefabricated soft dental splint that is specifically designed to assist in the initial treatment symptoms of Temporo-mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder.

The unique design allows immediate treatment with minimal time, as no impressions, no fitting and no adjustments are needed. (except possible trimming of the distal ends).

The TMJ Appliance¨ treats TMJ symptoms by joint decompression (aerofoil shaped base) and eliminating the effects of bruxing (double mouthguard effect). The muscles resting length is changed when in place. This causes an immediate decrease in tension of the craniomandibular muscles.

Recommended wear time is one hour daily plus overnight.

  • Immediate TMJ treatment from the first consultation visit.
  • Universal size for all adults. Fits 95% of patients.
  • No impressions, no molding and no adjusting. - Zero chair time.
  • Symptoms are reduced or eliminated without time consuming procedures.
  • Diagnostic procedure at low time and cost.
  • Soft silicone construction material is "easy" on painful joints and muscles, unlike hard acrylic and vacuum formed splints. Ideal for initial symptom reduction.
  • Specific design features. Aerofoil shaped base and double mouthguard effect decompress the TM joints, reduce muscle tension and limit bruxing.
  • Patient instruction are all contained in the pack.
  • Sterilized by boiling.
  • A low cost initial treatment for the many patients who are reluctant to proceed with more expensive procedures.

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Patent No. 5 259 762