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Myofunctional Research Company
Products in Development

Myofunctional Research Company was the first user of "State of the Art" CAD systems for developing intra-oral appliances. We remain the only organisation to use the advanced "SLA" (stereo lithography) technology for prototyping.

Myofunctional Research Company will continue to develop many more products using our concepts combined with the latest design technology.

We are currently in the design and testing stages of two products, The Trainer for Finishing and the Powerguard.

The Trainer for Finishing

The Trainer for Finishing® is specifically designed to maintain the corrected position of the dentition after fixed appliance therapy.

The features of maintaining the achieved alignment relief of any inherent post-orthodontic TMJ disorder, and the continuance of correctunctional habit training will minimise the potential for relapse in most cases.

The Trainer for Finishing has been developed to complete the family of intra-oral appliances by Myofunctional Research Co.

The Trainer for Finishing is due for release in January 1999 after the extensive testing program currently underway.

The PowerGuard

The PowerGuard is designed to increase performance in athletes across a range of sports.

Mouthguards used in sport are predominantly low-tech basic coverage devices to protect the upper teeth from accidental damage. Only a few specially made (by dentists) mouthguards protect the lower jaw as well. Even fewer exploit the aspect of TMJ protection and the improvements in posture and strength that accompany this type of treatment.

Currently the PowerGuard is due for release in early January 1999 after considerable testing over the winter of 1998.



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