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Regular Treatment Plan

Indications for the
Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

Contra-Indications for the
Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

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Contra-Indications for the
Pre-Orthodontic Trainer

The Reluctant Child/Parent

The TRAINER¨ is suitable for most malocclusions but will not be of benefit if the child decides not to use it on a daily basis. The child and parent must be motivated to get a result, otherwise result will be minimal. Conversely, the motivated child will produce amazing results.

Severe Class III

Skeletal Class III has a hereditary factor and mostly the child will not be able to wear the TRAINER¨ . Restrict cases to mild or pseudo - Class II malocclusion.

Posterior Cross Bite

The TRAINER¨ does not have sufficient passive expansion capabilities to correct a posterior crossbite. However, many of these cases are caused by oral habits and will not be stable unless these habits (tongue, sucking and breathing) are corrected. First correct the crossbite with transverse expansion, then apply the TRAINER¨ program to correct the myofunctional habit and the mandibular alignment (rotation).

Using the TRAINER¨ with removable (functional) appliances, such as this, can assist speed and stability of treatment.

Complete Nasal Obstruction

Always check a child for a patent airway. The child should be able to breathe through the nose. ie. a patent airway must be present. If there is complete or semi complete nasal obstruction refer to otolaryngologist (ENT) for assessment.

Rule of Thumb: Test child in chair with TRAINER¨ in place and lip over hole. If they can keep it in place with lips together for 5 minutes or more - they are not obstructed. Suggest ENT consultation, then the TRAINER¨ program - if complete obstruction.

Do not try to fit the TRAINER¨ into the child's mouth. Allow them to place it themselves.

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